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Where do we source our information?  EVERYWHERE!


We are formally and highly educated; world travelled; extensively read; out-of-the-box THINKERS....-essentially, the NWO's worst nightmare of opposition citizens!


Please appreciate that we don't just dump info online, because we like how it sounds, or agrees with our worldview! We collate and process information after deep independant investigation for original sources/credibility/motives/route etc; then we apply ongoing comparison; final analysis; and finally...-much (MUCH!) debate.


We are painfully aware of the targeted campaigns of misinformation, disinformation, and institutionalized propaganda waged by ALL vast sects of the Luciferian NWO elite against us, the ordinary masses, in a sophisticated hegelian dialectic. We know for a fact that they often use double agent tactics to "shill" the masses by wrapping their lies in real truth. This indeed, is the primary LUCIFERIAN method of deception! It has been used for millennia, and is nearly undetectable UNLESS, one already possesses an unassailable grasp of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, which is precisely what they wish to dispossess you of.


We  challenge and implore you, to THINK FOR YOURSELF! Do not trust us, nor anyone else! Use common sense, and deductive reasons while remembering that old-timey, "walks-like-a-duck" logic often does not work in the face of such sophisticated deception as that employed by the NWO enemies of mankind.


We have provided you with starting points, the rest is up to you! Make your life and your mind count...

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