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Sandy Hook School Shootings - Reality TV Fail



Did you ever have the feeling you were watching a poorly scripted reality show instead of the news?


Well, if you were watching mainstream media news on Friday, December 14, 2013, that's exactly what you were doing. Yes Virginia, there was a Santa Claus as evidenced by the 26 Christmas Trees supposedly delivered by an anonymous donor after the alleged mass shooting event in Newton, CT. However, those mystery trees were stored behind the firehouse next to Sandy Hook Elementary School, pre-positioned for rollout in a few days, and were clearly visible ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT from the HD news helicopter footage.  That was amazing foresight by the donor to know in advance that 26 trees would be needed in a few days for a memorial to 26 "victims" who had not yet been shot!


Other anomalies of this Psy-Op include: 

  • Social Media pages dedicated to memorials and fundraising efforts were set-up and time-stamped days BEFORE the event!

  • The school was closed for 5 years leading up to the event, was not decorated with seasonal decorations a mere 11 days before Christmas; look completely abandoned; and has since been demolished for no good reason;

  • NO crime-scene photos have ever been released;

  • Autopsies reports have also not been released;

  • No bodies were seen leaving the school;

  • NO hazardous material crime scene clean-up companies have admitted sanitizing the blood scene;

  • All but one funeral casket was closed, so no proof-of-body evidence is available;

  • No births certificates OR death certificates exist proving the identities of any of the victims;

  • So-called parents of the children showed remarkable lack of devastation in media interviews within days of the event; some are seen laughing in good spirits seconds before going live on camera with faked grieving mannerisms (see Robbie Parker),

  • Media blue-screen effects are clearly visible in many of the broadcasts news footage;

  • Numerous Photoshop-altered victims photos have been identified as fakes;

  • Crisis actors from other "mock events" have been identified "working the scene" at Sandy Hook;

  • Dozens have "actors" are seen circling the firehouse endlessly, pretending to be busily going somewhere other than in one door and back out the other, like rats in a maze;

  • The contractors who demolished the school were all made to sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing what, if anything, they witnessed inside the school.


These are just some of the numerous strange discoveries researchers have noticed about the staged Sandy Hook School Shootings. 


Watch the playlist and visit the following links to learn more. You decide whether or not to wake up and understand the ongoing training operations that the police state is using to warp your mind, beliefs, and attitudes towards voluntary surrender of your rights and freedoms. 

Sandy Hook Playlists

This playlist is loaded with well-researched documentaries, media news clips, internet analysis, photo manipulation, and other insightful tidbits. The 12/14/12 alleged mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CN, was a perfect example how staging, crisis acting gone bad, inconsistent stories, and a pre-set agenda can clash in unpredictable ways to reveal how the mass media machine and public officials can attempt to mislead us to further their higher purposes. Watch and be amazed at the deception unfolding! The Flock is Waking Up!

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