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The Moon Landing​

Did we or didn't we set foot on the moon?


After nearly 50 years of the history books claiming that mankind accomplished its greatest feat of all time, "landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth" as promised by President JFK, the evidence is abundantly clear that the 1960's technology and the overhang of the Cold War with the Russians, created a compelling reason for NASA to fake the moon landing footage entirely. Although this sounds outrageous at first glance, one must investigate the evidence on both sides of the argument before rendering judgement. 


It is all too likely that the same secret society of the illuminati who has perpetrated all of the critical historical events we discuss on our website, has also deceived mankind on a grand scale with the Apollo Moon Landings. They "used / extorted" the famous producer of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, to film the entire Apollo moon landing footage in advance (likely under the guise of both a training film and a back-up in case the "real" broadcast failed for some reason) using his state-of-the-art, front screen projection technology, to fool us into believing that we did land on the moon, a scientifically-impossible feat even using today's disclosed technology.


Given the grave threats to his life and his family should he ever disclose this hoax, Kubrick, a 200 IQ genius, devised a coded message hidden in plain sight in his subsequent films in order to expose the fraud over time. He had expected to die long before the masses finally figured out the hidden codes. He used his famous movie, The Shining, which he released 11 years later in 1980, to bury secret codes in that film that would reveal the truth about the Apollo 11 hoax to those astute enough to decipher the hidden messages. Watch The Shining Code 2.0 for an excellent interpretation of this landmark movie.


However, he may also have been privy to the elite's plan to build and destroy the World Trade Center complex in the year 2001 and was terrified to hold this forbidden knowledge. He thus openly used the now memorable year of 2001 as the year of "discovery" that would usher in a massive change which we have all experienced as a result of the false flag attack of 9/11. 


It is no coincidence that after showing his occult numerologically significant "13th" movie to the Warner Brothers executives, the illuminati-revealing secret society movie, Eyes Wide Shut,  that he died of a massive heart attack in his sleep only 4 days later. The movie, which was filmed at the senior illuminati's Nathan Rothschild mansion, was deliberately mandated by Kubrick to be released on July 16, 1999, the 30th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 faked moon landing which had occurred on July 16, 1969. This date was not chosen by chance as Kubrick was pointing to that historic date as the date he faked the footage for NASA. Large portions of the EWS film were not released to the public, most likely because he exposed far too much about the illuminati for his handler's liking. Using a CIA-style heart attack drug, he was most certainly satanically sacrificed exactly 666 days before 1/1/2001, the year in which he prescripted the significance of that year to everyone in the very title of 2001 A Space Odyssey

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