Interesting Moon Landing Facts

This video is quite revealing and reveals some telling and damning evidence against the official story that we landed on the moon in July 1969.

  1. The moon landing was touted as the most monumental accomplishment in the history of mankind;

  2. We launched three astronauts on top of the most powerful controlled explosion bomb ever created;

  3. They sat inside a capsule that could easily fit inside the typical living room but barely hold three grown men for 8 days;

  4. It was made of aluminum with a skin thinner than the typical modern day jetliner's fuselage or a soda pop can;

  5. We propelled them through the Van Allen radiation belts which require 6 inches of lead to adequately protect human beings from the intense deadly radiation of open space;

  6. We sent them on a 237,000 mile journey across the emptiness of space wearing space suits that the manufacturer said would not protect workers at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with similar levels of radiation ("not advisable" was his quote);

  7. We landed them on the moon with retro rockets capable of producing 10,125 lbs of thrust but which DID NOT kick up any huge clouds of talcum powder fine moon dust NOR create a very deep crater under the LEM, NOR show any amount of settled dust on the landing pads;

  8. The astronaut heart rate monitors showed no real increase in heart rate or respiration of the pilots as they were about to land on another planet with NO CHANCE of rescue if anything went wrong;

  9. They spent 21 hours on the moon and 2.5 hours moonwalking in suits not capable of handling radiation on earth;

  10. They took hundreds of perfectly in-focus photographs using a camera with no ability to focus or adjust many settings, and which was not temperature tolerant, and had lithium ion batteries that should have frozen solid in the icy cold of space;

  11. TV stations were not allowed to receive any live feeds from the moon but were allowed to film a stepped-down resolution broadcast onto a TV in the control room resulting in grainy 3rd generation black and white footage, never mind that the broadcast signal energy requirements to send a tv signal 237,000 miles would have required a massive battery array and enough wattage to send the live pictures in the first place;

  12. The ascent capsule had enough force to launch from the moon but not enough to create a blast crater from the enormous thrust required for take off;

  13. We returned to them earth in a capsule with 3 parachutes that should have been frozen solid for 8 days into ice cubes, and managed to land them almost precisely at a pre-planned landing spot in the middle of the ocean where even a few seconds delay in entering the atmosphere after a half million mile round trip could have ended in a landing hundreds or thousands of miles off target;

  14. And, we did all of this with 1969-era technology and computers less powerful than the average hand held pocket calculator!

Despite all these incredible feats of accomplishment, NASA admits to losing files of critical data and recording over the most important historical tapes in mankind's history, and oh, we destroyed that expensive technology and can't easily build it all back up again!!! Say what? How gullible we have been to believe this propaganda. We never went to the moon using the technology they showed us then or since. Totally impossible. But they have managed to extract over $1 Trillion dollars from taxpayers to fund the development of secret military weapons that will be unleashed on mankind at some point. Don't be fooled people. This was a good con but NASA realized the gig was up so they destroyed the evidence, pure and simple.

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