The Zionist Project 2. Israel 9/11, All The Pieces

On the morning of 9/11, shortly after the attacks, Ehud Barak appeared at the BBC World Studio in London. He presented a list of Israel's enemies to the world and declared them all to be state sponsors of terrorism. He then called for an international, American led "War on Terror!"

America's "War on Terror" has now killed over two million people leaving a trail of destruction and chaos from Libya to Afghanistan and generating a refugee crisis on a scale not seen since the end of the last World War. As well as strengthening Israel's position at the heart of a devastated and demonized Muslim world, this campaign has also secured access to vital natural resources for Anglo-American corporations. After fifteen years of war, invasion, occupation, black budgets, bank bailouts, tax cuts for the rich and endless "aid to Israel" the public now find themselves with nineteen trillion dollars of national debt!

The US dollar replaced the British pound as the world reserve currency after the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 (which also established a World Bank and International Monetary Fund). The current petrodollar world economic system was put in place by the Nixon administration and Saudi Arabia after the manufactured Yom Kippur war and oil crisis of 1973. In the new system Saudi, and OPEC oil, is only sold for US dollars thereby artificially strengthening the dollar's international exchange rate. Rather than produce this currency themselves, however, the US Treasury actually borrow it, at interest, from the Federal Reserve Bank – a privately owned corporation. (This currency is used to pay government employees and military and industrial contractors thereby circulating it within the economy.) The government meet their loan repayments to the bank either by raising taxes, selling national assets or by borrowing more money. Every time a central bank issues additional currency they must assign it with some form of intrinsic value and this is taken from the currency supply already in circulation, that is, from the nations wages and savings: this nationwide robbery is called "inflation" and on an individual basis generally passes by unnoticed as prices inexplicably rise. All of this stolen value (in the form of new coins, printed paper and digital data) is then loaned to the government, i.e., the public, at interest. The government's recent "bank bailout" policies - whereby they borrow massive amounts of new currency from the central bank and then hand it over to the large financial institutions - are all paid for by the public through rising inflation and higher national debt.

International free trade agreements have allowed manufacturing plants to relocate overseas where lower wages, longer working hours and reduced health, safety and environmental considerations significantly lower the cost of production. These consumer products can then be freely sold, with a huge mark up, back in the West greatly increasing corporate profits. Since many of these corporations fund political campaigns, and provide service sector employment, the government continues to support globalization despite rising social inequality and environmental devastation. The shift from manufacturing to a service based industry, and the massive rise in government debt, has increased dependency on the petrodollar system for economic stability.

Oil is the lifeblood of the machine: it fuels agriculture, transportation and the military-industrial complex; it is vital for pharmaceutical, chemical and food production; it is also the primary raw material necessary for the manufacture of plastics - essential for so many modern day applications. And, of course, its sale is now pegged to the world reserve currency thereby propping up an economic house of cards built upon nothing more than covert theft and interest bearing debt.

Much of this oil resides within USCENTCOM, i.e., the Middle East and Central Asia. A predominantly Muslim region filled with rogue dictatorships viewed as potential threats to the system. A threat which could only be removed through a policy of regime change within the region. A policy which, in many cases, would require direct military action.

Since the public would never openly accept such a policy a new “Pearl Harbour style event” was required. A massive "Islamist" attack which would allow America to bomb and invade countries within USCENTCOM without generating public outrage or international criticism. A modern day crusade for consumerism superficially disguised as a “War on Terror!” A title coined by former Israeli PM Ehud Barak on 9/11 when he called for all Western powers to wage war upon the Muslim world. A title that allows a frivolous, fully desensitized consumer society to continue to "chill", "have fun" and just enjoy themselves in wilful ignorance and mindless denial of the blood, suffering and destruction that feeds their oil-hungry lifestyle.

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